La bellezza

spiritual unity

by Michelina Tenace

For Solov’ëv the intuition of “seeing one into the other”, one in everything and everything in one is the vision of beauty that “will save the world” [/ 3d-flip-book]


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La bellezza

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The world is full of beauty, but every beauty, as a particular, is limited and leaves one unsatisfied. At the end of the last century Solov’ëv experiences separation, the schism that divides the branches of knowledge: the natural sciences, metaphysics and mysticism. Thus he understands that it is necessary to awaken the intuition of “seeing one in the other”, one in everything and everything in one. This intuition, which destroys neither the one nor the multiplicity, is the vision of the beauty that “will save the world”. Beauty is for Solov’ëv incarnation, illumination, the coming of the Kingdom. Its conception is by no means “aesthetic”, in the sense of a purely psychological reflection imprisoned in an immanence without mystery, but potentially sacramental.

Introduction (Olivier Clément) * The starting point of Solov’e¨v’s thought: the need for an integral knowledge * “The beauty of nature” * “The meaning of art” * “The first step towards a ‘positive aesthetics’ * Cosmic evolution: towards unity through beauty * From physical to spiritual: universal transfiguration through love * From human to divine: a theology that integrates philosophical language with spiritual life.

Art, Beauty, Matter, Solov’ëv

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